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Intimacy With God: God in My Coffee Book

Come and fulfill your deepest desire for love, belonging, and peace with the ONE who knows and loves us just the way we are. There are no strings attached. God longs for us to experience fullness of joy and pure love. Come from the outside, into His presence. Bring your cup and discover richer flavors of God in My Coffee.

God In My Coffee: Enjoy A Fresh New Cup is a simple, clear, straightforward writing of biblical truths of God’s magnificent love, healing, and transformative power. This message is for everyone—every human being is on a lifelong journey seeking something far greater than ourselves.  With beautiful illustrations, Dr. Scott lovingly invites you to grow closer in a relationship with the Lord God.  Each topic reflects her personal journey of seeking a deeper level of intimacy and commitment to the Lord. This message is real; powerful; and life-changing! 

God In My Coffee will awaken your heart to receive an amazing breakthrough to walk in spiritual, emotional, and physical freedom.  As God’s workmanship, He will gently guide you to that secret place of His marvelous rest. In His presence you will find fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore. Are you tired of the old and want to embrace the new?  Empty out and receive a fresh new cup of His anointing to pour out blessings and to enjoy God’s greater plan for your life.

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